• How To Do A Flying Change
  • A flying change of lead can be hard to learn for both horse and rider. Trainer Nicole Carroll explains the key elements in training a horse to do flying changes including the importance of mastering upward and downward transitions and haunches in BEFORE attempting to do flying changes. Nicole also explains why BALANCE (not throwing your weight to one side) is the key to helping your horse learn to do correct lead changes. Nicole Carroll trains and teaches Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation out of La Jolla Equestrian Center in Pleasanton, CA. Her comprehensive program allows horses and riders to develop from the schooling show level through A circuit competition. An A circuit competitor herself, Nicole has successfully shown as a professional in all divisions - from the Pre-Green hunters through Grand Prix jumpers. Nicole believes firmly in instilling positive values in her students, the most important being a love and appreciation for horses. http://www.nicolecarrollequestrian.com/

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