• How To Change A Life (Equine Guided Education)
  • The Flag Foundation for Horse/Human partnership repurposes race horses as teachers in the emerging field of equine-guided education. Their personal development programs expand awareness of personal strengths, create congruence between body, mind and spirit and practice clearer communication to enhance relationships with self and others. Their Corporate leadership and teaming programs facilitate communication, leadership skills, conflict resolution, creative problem solving and more. They are committed to transforming human perspective, advocating change for horses, practicing holistic equine science and linking horses and people throughout the world. For information visit http://www.theflagfoundation.org or contact theflagfoundation@gmail.com

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    How To Teach Your Horse To Stand While Mounting 
    How To Memorize Your Dressage Test 
    How to Set up In & Outs with Nicole Carroll 
    How to Safely Lead Your Horse 
    How To: Understanding Equine Diarrhea Part 1 
    Developing Your Horse's Back: The Biomechanics of Engagement  
    Developing Your Horse's Back: The Biomechanics of Engagement 
    How To De-Stress Equine Travel 
    How To Re-educate a resistant horse to pick up feet PART 2 
    How To Re-educate a Resistant Horse to Pick Up Feet - Part 1 
    How To Teach Your Horse to Accept Tarps 
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