• How To Save A Life
  • In November 2008, Sonoma County Animal Control seized five neglected horses kept in intensive confinement surrounded by garbage and fed the dangerously inappropriate diet of stale bread and old produce. One of the horses, Sammy, was a well bred Trakehner mare who had allegedly been living in a 10 X 10 stall for most of her twelve year life. The owner was convicted of 2 felony counts of animal cruelty. Sammy was awarded to the CHANGE horse rescue program of Sonoma County http://www.sonomachangeprogram.com/ where, under the care of CHANGE founder, Dr. Grant Miller, she received medical attention, worming and a correct diet. She was placed in a foster home and then went to live with her sponsor, Angela DiCarli, which was when the true challenge began. Essentially, Sammy had to learn how to be a horse. She was the equivalent of a huge, unbroke, foal. She had lived in a pen with virtually no handling for 12 years. Dr. Miller saw the potential in Sammy and contacted dressage trainer Dan Rocks http://www.danrocksdressage.com/ to see what he could do to bring trust to a horse that had been mishandled her entire life. This video illuminates the road to Sammy's healing.

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