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The purpose of this section is to direct attention to political action items affecting the horse community on the local, state and national level, with a special emphasis on trails access, zoning issues, and preservation of the rights of equestrians and ranch property owners. Do you know of a political issue affecting horsemen in your city or county? Is there a letter writing campaign, public meeting, bill or election that needs our participation? Please write to info@bayequest.com and let us know.

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nabull3.gif (131 bytes) HR4818 - Bill Directs BLM to Auction Wild Horses for Slaughter

Subject: Wild horses for slaughter - updated version of letter and address where to send

Please write President Bush at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20502 or fax to 202-456-2461. Below is a sample letter to President Bush which you may send as is, or rewrite. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dorothea Smith, Rep. LRTC - Wild Horse Adoption Program, Brentwood, CA


Dear President Bush,

Please do not sign HR4818 as it stands. It contains a rider in Division E, Section 142 that severely undermines the Wild Horse and Burro Act, requiring the BLM to sell, without restriction, wild horses in its custody over the age of 10 or that have not been adopted after three attempts.

The likely purchasers of these horses will be the slaughterhouses that sell horsemeat, often for human consumption in Europe. Our wild horses are a national treasure and symbol of the pioneering spirit that made this country great. It would be a shame if they end up on the menu in Brussels!

It is true that the BLM has a large population (14,000) of unadopted horses in holding facilities, and that this is an untenable situation in the long term. But the provision in HR4818 is not the proper solution to this problem. Better solutions can be crafted, including better advertising for the BLM adoption program, a return to the wild of selected individuals from the holding facilities, and tax incentives for private horse sanctuaries.


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