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The purpose of this section is to direct attention to political action items affecting the horse community on the local, state and national level, with a special emphasis on trails access, zoning issues, and preservation of the rights of equestrians and ranch property owners. Do you know of a political issue affecting horsemen in your city or county? Is there a letter writing campaign, public meeting, bill or election that needs our participation? Please write to info@bayequest.com and let us know.

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nabull3.gif (131 bytes)   Del Valle and Lake Chabot Trails Change - Tell EBRPD what you think
On March 1, 2005, the East Bay Regional Park District Board (EBRPD) changed the narrow Del Valle and Lake Chabot Trails to multi-use, adding mountain bikes. The trails, especially the Del Valle Swallow Bay and Heron Bay trails are unsafe and inappropriate for multi-use by anyone's standards, including California State Parks. The State Parks Trails Guide recommends that multi-use trails be built and maintained to a 60 inch width on an average grade of 10%. A 20% grade may be acceptable for a maximum of 300 feet. A multi-use trail may be narrower if there are turn outs built.

I would like to request that Bay Area trail users write comment letters regarding their thoughts on the trails change to the East Bay Regional Park District, Attention Clerk of the Board, P.O. Box 5381, Oakland, CA 94605-0381.

Fortunately, we have the support the California Equestrian Trails and Land Coalition, a group of groups including CSHA that represents about 46,000 members to change the trails back to traditional hiking/equestrian.

Please reply to fairoaksca@comcast.net or call (916) 718-2977, if you are interested in getting more information.

Thank you,

Valerie Fischer Gates

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