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  • How to Overcome Rider Fear Part Three: Creating a Plan for Success!
  • Garry Stauber and Martha McNiel, LMFT, operate DreamPower Horsemanship in Gilroy, Ca., offering a rich array of various therapeutic horsemanship programs and services. In this three-part series, Garry and Martha show you how to identify the source of your fears and how to systematically work your way back into your equestrian comfort zone!

    In October and November, Dreampower will be hosting a series of clinics to help adult riders who suffer from riding related anxiety. "Overcoming Fear: Becoming a Confident Rider" clinics from DreamPower Horsemanship are for people who love horses but their fears are preventing them from fully enjoying their horses and/or reaching their equestrian goals. "Overcoming Fear: Becoming a more Confident Rider" topics include: determining your motivation for riding; accurate risk assessment; setting appropriate goals; visualization skills; relaxation and breathing techniques; creating a safe environment; and much more! "On the Trail" is offered when the student is confident and skilled enough to enjoy a safe trail ride at a local park.

    Clinic dates:

    Oct. 11, 2009 Part 1 - Unmounted Classroom
    Oct. 17, 2009 Part 2 - Groundwork
    Nov. 7 , 2009 Part 3 - Mounted in the Arena
    Nov. 14, 2009 Part 4 - Mounted Fun & Games

    For more information about upcoming Confident Rider Clinics, visit

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