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  • How to Choose a Surcingle with Dr. Joanna Robson
  • In "How to Choose a Surcingle" Joanna Robson, DVM, CVSMT, CMP, CVA, SFT, illustrates how too often surcingles "undo" positive benefits that can be achieved in a training session. Poorly designed surcingles create pinching at the withers and cause the horse to raise its head, hollow its back and tense up as opposed to relaxing and being "round." Dr. Robson also shows what to look for in proper surcingles. Much of the footage in this video comes from Dr. Robson's new DVD "Recognizing the Horse in Pain and What You Can Do About It." The DVD features: recognizing problem backs, saddle-fitting, treeless and Western saddles, what to expect in a professional saddle-fitting, choosing accessories, actual acupuncture and chiropractic cases, stretches, and more. The DVD is available at Dr. Joanna Robson is the President of Inspiritus Equine, inc, whose mission is "To use compassion, integrity and innovation to eliminate pain and maximize equine longevity and performance."

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